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Welcome to RTNS, your premier service provider for comprehensive Telecom Installation and Monitoring solutions. At RTNS, we specialize in optimizing network performance and scalability, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued clients.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, RTNS offers a wide array of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern telecom infrastructures. Our expertise encompasses meticulous preparation for new node additions and insertion into existing rings, alongside installation, power-on, and configuration of high-end Cisco Aggregation Routers.

RTNS stands at the forefront of up-gradation and SMU up-gradation across all ASR9K Series and other Cisco router models, including intricate tasks such as card replacements—be it 8x100GE, 12x100GE, MOD-400, 2T, SFC2, or SFC3 cards within ASR9K Series routers.

Our dedicated team excels in router configuration, patching, and the seamless installation of optical fiber or CAT6 cables at aggregation points, ensuring optimized performance for your network infrastructure. Additionally, our expertise extends to L2 & L3 Service Migration, proficiently transitioning from Huawei to Cisco devices, ensuring continuity and compatibility.

MOP Configuration File

Preparation of new node addition and insertion in existing ring

Installation, Power ON and Configuration

High end Cisco Aggregation Routers

IOS Upgradation and SMU Upgradation

All types ASR9K Series and other series of Cisco routers

Card replacements in ASR9K Series

Routers with 8x100GE card, 12x100GE card, MOD-400 card, 2T Card and SFC2 and SFC3 card

Router Configuration and Patching

Optical fibre Cable and CAT6 Cable in Aggregation points

L2 and L3 Service Migration

Huawei to Cisco devices

Faulty Parts RMA and associated services

Material tracking from warehouse to deployment site

Service migration of EOL(End of life) devices

Upgrade devices, dismantle and track

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Count on RTNS as your trusted partner, for delivering cutting-edge Telecom Installation and Monitoring Services. Our solutions revolutionize network performance, ensuring efficiency and scalability in the ever-evolving landscape of modern network infrastructure.

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